Author: Christopher Taylor

3 Tips to Help You Study at a Coffee Shop

On paper, a coffee shop is the perfect place to study for a big test or an interview for a job that you really want. You get to sip on a warm cup of coffee that contains enough caffeine to keep you energized, and there is usually an ample amount of plugs to keep your electronics charged. But you get to the coffee shop and realize that you cannot concentrate. 3 Effective Tips to Help You Study in a Coffee Shop Consider some of the following solutions: 1. Use Noise Cancellation Earphones Perhaps the most effective tool that you have at your disposal is noise cancellation headphones. You can listen to your own study music compilation as you try to study, but you do need to make sure that the headphones are of high quality. Some noise cancellation headphones could reduce noise by up to 95 percent. But you should know that high-quality headphones or earphones can be pricey; a decent pair could cost you well over 100 dollars and are usually found in specialty stores or online. 2. Earplugs Might Help Another effective tool that you can use is earplugs, which are usually not too expensive. You will not be able to hear any music, but at least you will effectively dull the distracting sounds in the coffee shop. 3. Refocus Your Brain Just a Bit One of...

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How to Enjoy a “Sick Day”

You can enjoy a sick day when you are doing so in a wise way. You have to make sure that you either stay at home or go to places where no one could possibly know you. That means that you have planned to be a little bit secretive about it, and that is going to be much easier for you to have a nice day off. There are a lot of people who go to normal places on their day off, and that is not smart. Your sick day needs to be taken at home or in a place where you would never see anyone you know. You especially do not want to see anyone from work. You cannot be posting on social media, and you need to really think about it before you try to start to take your sick day. This means that you know where you are going, you are dressed in a totally unassuming way and you will be able to get to a place that is just out of the way. Anyone who is trying to take a day for themselves needs to be very careful. You have to stay off social media because people will catch you. They can easily check on you, and they will see if you are going things that you are not supposed to be doing. This means...

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How to Relax and Be Present in the Moment

According to health professionals, stress is one of the top reasons we are sick and exhausted. Our bodies were given a natural “fight or flight” response that can save our lives in dangerous situations. However, our brains filter all stresses as a threat and our endocrine glands kick in adrenalin and cortisol for our defense. These extra doses of hormones wear our bodies down physically and mentally. Over here is the best site of doctor’s excuses. While is it is impossible to eliminate all stresses in your life, you can learn how to identify those that are unnecessary. Eastern medicine has been practicing mindful living for millennia with great success. Through daily meditation and visualization, you can clear your mind and body of the extra stress that you do not need. Soon, you will feel the positive effects in your mood and health in general. We should all practice some form of relaxation every day. Although it would be wonderful, you do not have to buy an expensive membership to a spa to enjoy daily meditation and holistic relaxation. You can do it at home or even on your job. Just take a few minutes every hour to close your eyes and release the stresses that are binding you. Inhale slowly and deeply from the nostrils and exhale slowly from your mouth. Imagine yourself in your happy place, whether...

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