Tips to Get Out of Work: Choose the Best Medical Emergency (Blog Post 1)

Top 3 Best Excuses from Doctors You Can Use to Miss Work

missing work because of oversleepingWhen you need to miss work due to an emergency of some kind, you may not have the chance to explain to your boss why exactly you are missing. In many cases, chance has nothing to do with this as you just don’t want to discuss your personal matters or know that the employer won’t give you any time off because he/she doesn’t think you have a valid enough reason. As the economy is slow, risking your job is not an option, so you desperately need an excuse that will get you out of work.

In situations like this, I use a fake note from a doctor as a legit medical excuse document to miss work. There are dozens of these notes available today, and I’ve used quite a few of them myself. It’s this experience I draw on when saying that the following 3 fake medical emergency room notes work best:

  1. Food poisoning.
    an image of a sick man and a dish with some mealThis is something that can happen to anyone anytime. This problem is common and no one will doubt that you can’t get to work in your current condition, so even the harshest boss won’t demand you to get in the office.
    Extra tip: Be sure to eat only yogurts or something similar during your lunch breaks after you get back to work as snacking on a bag of chips after a food poisoning will definitely look suspicious.
  2. Dental emergency.
    Everyone will feel sorry for you as they can empathize with tooth pain. This kind of fake doctor note is great for really unexpected emergencies that require you to be away from work for a few days.
    Extra tip: Be sure to sound convincingly desperate when you call in sick due to this ‘emergency’. People will understand that this problem is really urgent and will be sympathetic to the pain they can hear in your voice. As it’s much harder to fake a painful facial expression, you should use this excuse before you come to work.
  3. Eye emergency.
    This condition is not as common as digestion or tooth problems, but you it requires urgent care. You need to be very careful when using this kind of fake doctor note, but it might give you the longest period away from work, because some eye conditions take a while to heal and they make paperwork and staring at a computer screen impossible.
    Extra tip: Research the condition you fake to know how to act.

Benefits of Using Different Types of Fake Emergency Notes

If you want to make sure that using a fake emergency room excuse note for work is the right thing to do, consider the benefits it will bring you:

  • Some time off work that you can use to finish some urgent works around the house or just spend with the people you care about.
  • An opportunity not to explain your personal emergency to your boss.
  • The time you need to heal if you are actually sick but can’t afford to go to a real doctor and get an excuse note.

If you download a high-quality fake urgent care note, you can miss work without fear as they are impossible to tell apart from real papers provided by a doctor.

For tips on how to effectively use a fake note from an emergency room to miss school, go to

A Strep Throat Doctors Note: Is It Believable?

I’ve heard this question quite a few times and want to answer it here. Yes, a fake doctor note stating ‘strep throat’ is highly efficient. This is a common and nasty disease, so you will have many sympathizers.

However, you shouldn’t forget that talking with a strep throat is painful, so you need to pay attention to details when you fake your sick voice over the phone.

How to Find a Reliable Fake Urgent Care Doctors Note

There are a variety of ‘medical’ papers like this available for download online, so I advise you to be careful as many of them are of poor quality, and may get you fired. If you want to get the best fake note, you’ll need to look for the following:

  • A company that offers free samples.
    This is the #1 requirement as you’ll need to study a sample to be sure that you are buying a fake doctor note template that looks 100% authentic.
  • A company that provides blank printable templates.
    Yes, you’ll need to work on this fake note a bit, but this way, you can make it more believable, thus reducing the chances of someone noticing it’s a fake.
  • A fake doctor’s note template that has watermarks.
    Take some time to research what real doctor notes look like so that you know exactly what to look for. Write a checklist if necessary and use it when studying the sample of the fake note template you are about to buy.
  • A company that offers a money back guarantee.
    This kind of guarantee means that the people who designed your fake note are so sure in its quality, they aren’t afraid to pay you back in case you remain unsatisfied. As far as I’m concerned, this is a true mark of any trustworthy business.
  • A company that offers a free verification service.
    The HIPAA privacy laws prohibit employers from asking the doctor’s office if you actually were there, but your boss can call the number on your fake note to make sure that the doctor is real. A verification service will ensure your employer remains satisfied.

The Bottom Line: A Fake Emergency Room Note Is the Best

When you provide your employer with a high-quality fake emergency room note, you get a 100% free pass out of work for a period designated by your exact condition. This is how our legal system works as the boss can’t force you to go to the office when you clearly require urgent medical care. Therefore, a fake doctor note like this is the best excuse you can use in a situation when you desperately need some free time.

However, you should never forget that some excuses might cause you problems in future. Be careful when choosing your ‘condition’ to make sure it’s believable. You also shouldn’t forget that the note you are using is actually a fake, so you should ‘stay low’ and not antagonize anyone so that you don’t draw any extra scrutiny to the forged medical paper you submit.

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