Top 5 Reasons to Download Blank Printable Fake Doctors Note Templates

Free Tips on How and When to Use Fake Doctors Notes, Forms, and Letter Templates

a calendar showing a day offExplaining your boss or teachers why you need some free time off school or work isn’t always possible. It doesn’t matter whether the matter is too personal to discuss or you are just sure that they won’t consider it as a valid excuse. The point is that you can’t talk about it directly, so you need an excuse for absence that will get you the free days you need without getting you in trouble. The best solution in your case is to download a fake blank printable doctor’s note template. I have used various fake blank medical templates myself and can say from experience that they work every time.

Many people wonder why exactly they may need a fake excuse note from a doctor. Let me give you a few examples of the reasons I download these blank printable medical templates myself.

  1. Personal emergencies.
    They are called ‘personal’ for a reason and I don’t want to discuss this matter with anyone who isn’t directly involved. I’m sure many people have no wish to discuss their private business with their employers, but bosses rarely think that a ‘personal emergency’ is a valid enough excuse to miss work.
    In this case, a fake note from a doctor becomes the best solution. Please note that as you can’t really plan an emergency, you should download a blank printable template in advance so that you can adjust it and use the fake on a moment’s notice.
  2. Visiting a doctor is too expensive.
    a doctor hiding a big sum of moneySadly, many of us simply can’t afford visiting a medical facility every time we feel sick. I’ve been in this situation several times and I believe that a fake note from a doctor is the best solution. This isn’t even a free excuse if you are actually sick. Personally, I really like the fact that today you can download a blank printable template for any kind of doctor’s notes. Therefore, you have an opportunity to make your fake excuse look 100% authentic.
  3. A loved one’s illness.
    The current laws allow taking some free days off work in case your child gets sick, but what if it’s your parent, sibling, or spouse who is ill? The vast majority of employers don’t think it’s a good enough reason to get a ‘free pass’ from work. However, I’m sure you will agree that you want to take care of your precious person. Having a blank printable fake doctor’s note template stored on your computer for cases like this will solve the problem.
  4. Work overload.
    Note that under this reason I mean that you have so much work, you actually need extra free time to finish it. Students are the ones who will benefit from this the most as sometimes going to classes takes up too much of their time, so they can’t finish important assignments. As I’m not a student, I use fake doctor’s note templates in situations when I have a huge project and don’t want to get distracted in the office. In this case, I even tell my boss that despite having a valid medical excuse, I will continue to work at home, which earns some extra points and reduces the chance that he will look at my fake doctor’s note too closely.
  5. Too much stress.
    Employers rarely think that being overstressed is a good reason to give you a free day off. However, if you feel that you are about to break down, you really need some free time to just relax. Use a fake note from a doctor to do this as your health is essential. Remember that stress is a legit medical condition that even medics consider a valid excuse to miss a few days of work.

How to Use Free Fake Note Samples

There is one essential thing you need to make sure of if you don’t want to lose your job or get expelled from school for using a fake note from a doctor. It’s finding the best printable blank medical paper you can. Free downloadable fake note sample forms are made to show you that the blank template you can buy from this website can be trusted.

sleeping as much as you like when you have a day offIf you take a day off work or school using this kind of phony medical excuse, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems. Studying the free examples before you download any kind of template is an absolute must as this is the only way you can be sure that the blank printable doctor’s note you get looks authentic. You should also find a sample of a real doctor’s note to know that your fake looks authentic.

If you are a student, check this article to get a few extra tips on how to use a fake note from a doctor and not get caught.

Where to Look for a Free Fake Doctors Note Sample?

The Internet is the source of best free fake doctor notes sample forms as well as the best blank printable templates you can download after you study the examples and make sure that everything looks authentic. There are companies online that produce fake medical templates that look more ‘real’ than the ones actually given by doctors. Even medical specialists can’t tell they are fake, so you can be sure that your excuse will work.

Don’t forget to choose the best excuse to miss work as this will determine whether your boss is going to doubt your excuse. You need to download a template with a medical condition that will be most believable in your personal case.

Tips for Using a Medical Release Form Template

Want to make sure your fake medical excuse note passes any inspection? I offer the following tips gained from my personal experience:

  • Submit the fake note electronically.
    Luckily, we live in the age of the Internet, so sending a doctor’s note by email won’t seem suspicious.
  • Act as if you were sick.
    Many people get caught just because they act unnaturally after submitting a fake doctor note. Think of how you would behave if your medical excuse was real and act accordingly.
  • Respect your reasons for using a fake excuse.
    I heard many stories when people actually broke down and admitted using a fake doctor note because they felt guilty. In this case, your honesty might harm you greatly, so it’s imperative that you accept your own reasons for resorting to this fake excuse.
  • Use the best fake blank printable templates.
    Never buy ‘pre-made’ fake dr notes as they don’t look authentic. The best option to choose is a blank template that you will be able to adjust to your exact need.

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