A Fake Doctors Note That Works: Learn How to Make and Use (Blog Post 2)

Use a Fake Note from Your Doctor or Hospital without Getting Caught

Every single one of us has been in a situation when you desperately need an excuse to miss work or school, but your boss/teacher is too harsh to give you a day off for personal reasons. This happens all the time, and the exact reason that makes you crave some free time doesn’t really matter as it doesn’t change the fact that you need a day off. The solution I use in this case is presenting my boss with a fake note from a doctor.

a man cut his fingerIllness of any kind is a legitimate reason to miss work or class, and the HIPAA privacy laws allow you quite a lot of flexibility when choosing your fake medical excuse. Employers have no right to ask about your exact health condition, so if your note simply states that you missed a day because you visited a doctor, you won’t have to come up with an extra excuse and explain your non-existing health condition.

However, there are a few things that might ‘give up your game’ when you use a fake note from a doctor to excuse your absence. If this happens, you may lose your job, so it’s imperative to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Never use a ‘pre-made’ fake note from a doctor of any kind.
    You might think that it’s OK to use a ready-made note as it’s less hassle than adjusting a template yourself. However, it’s really NOT OK. This kind of fake documents hardly ever stands up to even the most basic inspection because they never look 100% authentic. Even the slightest shadow of doubt will make your boss look into every detail of the fake note, and you will get in real trouble.
    Downloading a blank printable fake doctor note template is the best way to go because this way, you can be sure that the information on the document will be believable. You can get more info about the kind of fake doctor notes to download in my other articles.
  • Using a made-up doctor’s name.
    a doctor pointing at his namebadgeThis is another common mistake that is likely to get you caught. There are online databases of that list every doctor in the city, and your boss might choose to check them to verify your note. As every licensed doctor must be listed there, your fake will be spotted immediately.
    The right way to go is to look into these databases yourself and find a name of a real doctor, who specializes in the kind of medical problems listed in your excuse letter. Remember, that your employer has the right to call the doctor’s office to make sure it’s real. He/she cannot ask whether you’ve actually been there.
  • Acting too ‘healthy’ when you return to work.
    It’s great to use a fake note from a doctor just to relax for a couple of days and relieve some stress. I’ve done this a few times myself and know how important this kind of break is for your health. Naturally, you return to work all fired up and full of inspiration.
    However, this makes your supposed sickness look highly suspicious, especially if you start eating junk food after you used a fake ‘food poisoning’ excuse.
    Remember to act as if you’ve actually been sick, at least for a couple of days after your return. If you aren’t sure you can fake any lasting symptoms believably, just try to stay out of everyone’s way in order not to draw attention. You should also research the actual symptoms of the condition you use as your fake excuse to know what people would expect to see.

Don’t make these mistakes and use a high-quality fake doctor note template to make sure you stay out of trouble.

Get a Fake Note without Seeing a Doctor

I posted a detailed guide on how to use a fake note from a doctor to get out of work at https://www.printfakedoctorsnote.com/tips-missing-work/, so be sure to check it out. I also offered some tips on how to use this excuse to take a day off school, which would be helpful for students. Here I want to offer some extra advice that should help you when you need to get some free time off:

  • Do your research.
    It’s imperative to know what a real note from a doctor looks like before you start shopping for a fake.
  • ‘Set up’ your ruse in advance.
    Unless you need to use the fake doctor note for an emergency, you can ‘prepare’ for your illness. For example, complain about feeling feverish or cough a few times in the office if you plan to use a fake flu note. If you plan to use the excuse of food poisoning, tell everyone that you are going out for dinner or plan to cook a new dish. Don’t overact.
    Yes, it’s important to act as if you were or are just about to get sick. However, overacting is actually worse than not acting at all.

How to Get a Great Fake Note Online

To get the best fake doctor note online you need to take the following steps:

  • Use an online search engine to find companies that offer fake notes.
  • Check out the printable doctors notes samples they offer and pick the one that looks most authentic.
  • Make sure that the company offers a money back guarantee and a free verification service.
  • Download the fake doctor note template.
  • Forge the note that will meet your exact needs.
  • Print out and use your excuse.
  • Enjoy the free time you get.

Final Words: How to Forge a Believable Drs Note

If you want to forge a note from a doctor yourself, DON’T. Getting caught will not only cost you your job but may even get you charged with fraud. Buy a high-quality fake medical note template from a reliable company.

Make sure it looks 100% authentic and act as if you are actually sick in order to make your fake excuse more believable. Fake doctor’s notes are a great solution when you need to get some free time off work or school, but they should be used with caution. However, if you download an authentic-looking template, you can be sure that it will work as they are impossible to tell apart from real medical documents.


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