Need to Miss School? Fake Doctors Notes Make the Best Excuses

A Phony Drs Note Will Easily Get You Out of School for the Day

a photo of an empty classroomDo you need to miss school but don’t want to risk getting into trouble with your teachers? You came to the right place as I have a suggestion that might solve your problem. A fake note from a doctor can be the perfect excuse you seek. As long as the fake note template you download is of high quality and you use it right, it can get you out of school without any problems.

The benefits of using a fake note from a doctor to excuse your absence from school are:

  • You don’t have to explain why you miss classes.
    Your medical records are your private business and teachers have no right to demand any information beyond what is written in the note. Therefore, if your fake template looks 100% authentic, you won’t have to answer any questions. This is a huge benefit for those who don’t have an impenetrable poker face.
  • Your privacy is protected.
    A reliable service that offers fake notes to miss school provides a variety of payment options and all clients can remain anonymous. Therefore, no may know that you used this service unless you tell them yourself. You just choose the payment option that suits you best and get printable templates delivered to you electronically. You can adjust them yourself and use however you see fit.
  • You can make your excuse believable.
    If you download a printable template from a reliable fake doctor note service, you will be able to choose the exact type of doctor or condition the note is about. Therefore, you can choose the perfect excuse that will look most believable in your exact situation. Do you have a history of digestive problems? A fake note stating ‘food poisoning’ won’t raise any suspicions. Choose your excuse based on your personal history and current situation.
  • You can be sure that you won’t get caught.
    The best thing about high quality fake doctor excuse notes is the fact that THEY WORK. If you use a reliable fake medical notes service, you will be provided with a free verification service to go with the templates you download. Therefore, even in case your teacher does call the fake number of the doctor provided in the note, they will get the confirmation they need.

a kid in bed faking being sickAs you can see, using a fake note from a doctor when you need some free time away from school can be a great solution. However, you must use your fake excuse right if you want to make sure the school staff doesn’t start doubting you.

Learn How to Use Free Fake Drs Excuse Templates

Like any fake excuse, a phony note from a doctor might get you in trouble with the school if you aren’t careful. Below I offer some tips on how to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  1. Buy your fake doctor note template from a reliable source.
    There are dozens of companies that offer this kind of product, but only a few can be trusted. Use some of your free time to do some research and find a firm that is truly reliable. You can go to in order to see what a reliable medical excuse template looks like.
    Note that these samples must be available for FREE. If a company demands money for samples, they are just trying to rip you off.
  2. Submit the fake note electronically.
    This may not be possible in every school, so it’s best to use some of your free time to find out all the necessary administrative procedures related to submitting notes from a doctor. As the vast majority of hospitals use electronic templates today, this kind of excuse won’t seem suspicious.
  3. Choose a believable excuse.
    This is the most important thing as bringing a note stating that you are pregnant or that you have a heart disease at 15 will definitely raise some questions and may prompt the school to contact your parents. Check this page to check out the list of best fake excuses and situations when they should be used. The best time to miss school is the regular cold season, or just after holidays when digestive disorders of various kinds are common because of family feasts.
  4. Don’t get too used to offering fake excuses.
    There is no doubt that a fake note from a doctor can be extremely helpful in some situations, but getting too reliant on this kind of excuse may get you in big trouble with both the school and your parents.

Don’t Get Caught: Never Write a Fake Note to Get Out of School

The most important thing you need to remember in order to make sure that you don’t get caught using a fake note from a doctor is to never try to write it yourself. Remember that trying to write a phony permission slip from your parents is an equally bad idea. Nowadays, doctors do very little actual writing and they use specialized templates for school and work.

However, this doesn’t mean that a few minutes working on your computer will allow you to forge a real-looking doctor note. These documents have a variety of watermarks, specialized backgrounds, and a multitude of other details. You also need to understand that the people in your school know what to look for as they are often presented with poorly made notes.

Therefore, you should never take the risk of getting caught because you tried to write your own excuse. It’s best to use a fake template for school developed by qualified professionals.

I’d also like to point out that a fake medical document of this kind can be used in a great variety of cases, not only when you need to miss school to get some free time and relieve the stress or write the assignments you couldn’t finish in time. In some cases, this note may serve as more than an excuse. Did you know that sometimes school can be dangerous? If you feel unwell after attending classes in old buildings the actual problem can be caused by mold or toxic building materials that were used during the school construction or renovation. Cases like this are very common, so you should discuss this matter with your parents, or it may not be a fake note from a doctor you will need the next time, but a real one.

Take good care of your health and don’t forget not to abuse the excellent excuses offered by fake dr notes.

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