Tips for Missing Work: How to Get the Best Fake Doctors Notes Templates

Need a Day Off? Use a Fake Medical or Doctor Note

Do you have a personal emergency, a sudden food poisoning, skull-splitting headache, or you are too stressed to even think about seeing your colleagues? You are not alone. All of us have been in situations like this many times. The list of reasons for why you need a few days off work is extensive, but bosses rarely think that these reasons are good enough to give you a free pass. Therefore, you are forced to go to work and your condition only gets worse because of this, right?

a day-off sign on a windowThere is no need to suffer anymore as today you can solve all these problems by using a face excuse note from a doctor. This way, you will get the free time you need so much, and your employer won’t be able to do anything against you, because you have a legitimate excuse with a hospital stamp on it.

Getting fake printable excuse note templates is easy today as they are available online. You just need to find a reliable website that offers a high-quality template, and you’ll be able to miss work without fear of losing your job.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a day off work because you are sick and can’t afford a doctor, or you just need some free time to relieve the stress of hard work. A fake medical template gives you a valid excuse that will work every time. As the template is printable, you can adjust and print it out in the comfort of your home, and no one will notice the difference.

Note that this ‘medical’ excuse to miss work will work only if you use the best fake doctor note template. Therefore, it’s essential to research services that offer these medical papers in your free time and find the best printable template you will be able to use as often as necessary.

Guide to Using Medical Excuses from the Hospital

I have personally used a fake doctor note template to miss work several times, and I never had any problems. However, I read that quite a few people struggle with using this kind of medical excuse. I want to share some of my personal tips in the home that they will help you avoid any problems at work.

  1. Always start with finding the best printable doctor note template.
    Quality is a must here as bosses can spot a phony note from a mile away. Never use a ‘pre-made’ fake medical note with the name of the doctor already filled up. This kind is not reliable and doesn’t stand up to the simplest check. If you try to miss work with a note like this, you might get fired and even face some charges.
    To be sure that you are buying a high quality printable doctor note template, you will need to study the samples offered by the company with extreme care. Visit this page to see what a quality fake should look like. If the firm that offers to sell you a fake doctor note template doesn’t offer free samples and money-back guarantees, you should avoid them. Another mark of a reliable company that deals in fake medical papers is a free verification service. Note that it’s essential that this service is provided for free as it’s a part of the company’s obligation towards you. If the site you buy the fake note from offers this service, people there are 100% confident that their fake medical papers look authentic enough to prevent any problems at your work.
  2. Insert the name of a real doctor.
    Even if the note itself is fake, the name of the doctor must be real. Medical specialists must be licensed, so their names are available through many databases. The HIPAA privacy laws mean that your employer can’t verify whether you actually were in the hospital, but they can check whether the doctor is real.
  3. Choose your reason for missing work wisely.
    a guy faking being sickEven a fake note from a doctor must have a more relevant reason for missing work than ‘the patient was at a hospital’. Today you can download any type of printable doctor note template, so you have a variety of medical excuses to choose from. Pick wisely based on your personal history. For example, is you have a weak heart, a note from a cardiologist will be the best excuse, or if it’s a flu season, your hospital note can state you’ve had a flu. In this case, you will need to do some research in order to know how long you should be missing if you actually have a flu. Go to to find the perfect excuse to miss work with a fake note from a doctor or hospital. You might also want to look into some medical statistics to know what type of medical excuse is most reasonable in your particular case.

Should I Use a Return to Work Excuse?

Personally, I love to use my trusty ‘return to work’ printable template. It helped me in many cases as I’m prone to losing the track of time when I run around solving my personal issues during a lunch break. A fake return to work note from a doctor or hospital explains that your were busy within a medical facility, without stating the exact reason why. Therefore, you get some extra free time without the need to explain your excuse.

The privacy laws prohibit employers, or anyone else without a court order, to inquire about your exact reasons. So, if you are late for work, using a fake return to work hospital or doctor note is the best excuse you can present when you actually get to the office.

All of us need some free time from work once in a while, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you use a fake doctor template to excuse your absence. In fact, this kind of template can help you increase your productivity at work, because you will feel charged with positive energy when you return after a few free days of rest. This kind of hospital excuse will also help you in case of an emergency, when you can’t return to work and don’t want to explain your reasons to your boss. Therefore, you should use some of your free time to find the best printable template now so that you have it on hand when an emergency strikes.


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