A Fake Dentist or Doctors Note: Which to Choose?

Fake Dentist vs Doctors Notes: Choose the Best One to Get out of Work

At some point in time, every one of us gets into a situation when we need an excuse to get out of work or school. There are many reasons that might make it impossible for you to explain why exactly you need some free time to your boss. I’ve been in situations like this myself quite often and the solution I use is a fake note from a doctor.

a doctor is writing an excuse noteI like these notes because they work in any situation. If you use high-quality fake doctor excuse notes, you won’t face any problems at work because they are impossible to tell apart from the real thing. In fact, surveys indicate that even doctors often can’t tell them apart. The fake templates you can download have all the necessary watermarks and other details that prove their authenticity. Even a note from a real doctor often looks less ‘official’ than a well-made fake. Considering how much people trust in officially looking papers, no one is going to doubt your fake excuse.

There are a great variety of blank printable fake doctor’s note templates you can download, so everyone will find something that works best in their particular situation. In fact, the large number of options makes it difficult to decide which is best. The biggest question usually is whether you should get a fake excuse note from a physician or a dentist. My personal experience shows that a dentist is always the best choice.

Why a Fake Letter from Your Dentist Will Definitely Work

The simplest way to explain why a fake note from a dentist is less likely to get you in trouble at work is that it’s more believable. Dental emergencies are so incredibly common that they never look unnatural.

For example, trying to use a fake note from a cardiologist will make people wonder whether you have a weak heart, and they are sure to start treating you differently. Of course, only a few people in the company are authorized to see the medical note you submit, but I’m sure you know that it’s impossible to keep anything secret in the office. Therefore, if you don’t want the local rumor mill to start turning your fake excuse into a life-threatening condition that will make your boss consider sending you on early retirement, you need to use a less drastic medical reason for missing work.

A note from a dentist is exactly what you need. Yes, any kind of dental problem is highly painful, but the vast majority of them are treatable and don’t lead to a disability. Here are a few other reasons that prove that a fake note from a dentist is the best excuse to miss work:

  • Dental emergencies often appear out of nowhere.
    Everyone knows what it’s like to wake up one day feeling like your mouth is on fire. There are reasons that lead to this condition, but you can’t really anticipate when something like this will happen. Therefore, no one will doubt your fake excuse note from a dentist.
  • Some dental problems take a while to heal.
    For example, having a real dental surgery will leave you disabled for a few days. A fake dentist note like this can give you enough time off work to handle any personal issues and relax for a bit.
  • People empathize with you.
    a scary dentist with a horrible drillWe all know how painful dental problems are, even your boss. When people can ‘connect’ to you remembering their own pain, they are more likely to believe your fake note.
  • No one wants to think about dentists.
    It’s a fact that a dentist is the most feared and hated kind of doctor. This reaction is etched so deeply in our minds that we try to avoid thinking about these medical professionals as often as possible. Therefore, if your fake medical excuse note has a word ‘dentist’ on it, the chances are that no one will look at it too closely.

Tips for Using Fake Dentist Letters Templates

Despite the fact that a forged note from a dentist can be extremely efficient to get out of work, it may also cost you your job if you get caught. My post at https://www.printfakedoctorsnote.com/tips-missing-work/ explains how to use a fake note from a doctor to miss work without getting in trouble. However, there are a few tips for using dentists notes specifically that I would like to point out.

  • Act as if you are in pain.
    It may sound surprising, but many people forget to act sick to back up the fake medical note submitted to the boss. If the people at work see you snacking on nuts right after you were away for two days due to a dental surgery, they are sure to start doubting your fake excuse.
    If you buy your fake dentist note from a reliable company, you will be provided not only with a template but also with a free verification service. This means that if your boss calls the number on the note, he or she will hear a message from the office of your dentist. I strongly suggest that you only buy the best template from a firm that offers this complementary service as the HIPAA privacy laws allow for this kind of verification. Luckily, the same legal regulations prohibit employers from asking your exact condition or even if you were in the dentist’s office on the day stated in the fake note.
  • Play up your ‘pain’.
    People generally don’t like feeling sorry for other people, so if you look completely miserable, your phony excuse will seem more real as everyone will pity you and secretly wish for you go home and stay away from work until you get better.
    Remember that too much acting is as bad as not enough. Remember what you felt the last time an emergency made you go to a dentist and behave in a similar manner.
  • Download an authentic-looking fake note.
    I’ve mentioned this in my other articles, but this is something that can’t be stressed enough. Take your time to study the free printable template offered by the fake medical notes company and make sure that it has all the watermarks and other details necessary. Never download a blank template before examining the sample or you will just waste your money.

Use these tips, and I’m sure you won’t have any problems getting some time off work by using a fake note from a dentist.


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