Tips to Miss Work: Top Ten Best Medical Excuses (Blog Post 3)

Ten Best Excuses to Get Out of Work Anytime

The video I posted in this article tells us about an incredible story of a man who has never missed a single day of work. Apparently, this kind of achievement is so extraordinary that it can get you on the news, and it’s so outstanding because 99.99% of people cannot repeat it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of those people as I have missed quite a few days of work due to sickness and other personal reasons.

If you are the same as I am, and you need to use an excuse to get out of work, I can offer a great solution. A fake note from a doctor can give you the time you need to settle any personal matters before you get back to work. Using this tool is very easy as you can learn from my article posted at

a list of possible illnessesHowever, the trick is to use the right kind of fake doctor’s note, which means that you need to know what medical reasons are most believable and why.

I did some research as well as used my own experience to compile the following list of top 10 best medical excuses to miss work:

  1. Dental emergency.
    If you need to miss work due to a personal emergency, this is the #1 of the best excuses to use. Everyone knows how torturous dental pain can be, so they will be sympathetic towards your plight and won’t look too closely at the fake note you provide.
  2. Food poisoning.
    As far as medical excuses go, this is my second favorite because it’s common and no one will doubt that you really can’t go to work. This is another condition that makes people empathize with you because all of us suffered from it at some point.
  3. Flu.
    This condition rates among the top excuses because your boss will want you to miss work in order not to spread the disease to everyone in the office. Remember to use this kind of fake note during an actual flu season because otherwise, it won’t be as believable.
  4. Injury.
    Accidents happen every day, so your employer shouldn’t doubt your fake note too much. However, despite of its overall efficiency and believability, it’s not one of my favorite excuses. I don’t really like it because you need to fake the ‘aftereffects’ of the injury after you get back to work, like faking a limp or wearing a phony bandage. Despite these things, the statistics show that it’s one of the most believable excuses accepted by employers.
  5. Back pain.
    This kind of pain as any other similar reasons for missing will work best if your boss is actually prone to back pain. In this case, he/she will be sympathetic and may even offer some suggestions on how to deal with the problem. However, it’s also one of the excuses that can backfire if you can’t fake the symptoms believably.
  6. Elective surgery.
    Despite the high rate of believability, I suggest you use this kind of reasons only if you ran out of all other reasonable excuses and had a chance to prepare for your ruse in advance. Warn your employer that you will have a surgery on a specified date and will be absent for a specified number of days due to recuperation. It’s essential to do your research in advance as you must know exactly how to act and how to forge your fake blank medical template to make it seem believable. The benefit of this excuse is that it will get you away from work for several days.
  7. Migraine.
    Like back pain, it’s one of the excuses that work best if your boss can empathize. So, if he/she sometimes misses work due to a migraine, you can use this kind of fake note. Otherwise, I wouldn’t advise it.
  8. Cold.
    A common cold is one of the best excuses because it’s so common. On the other hand, a really demanding boss may think that you should get on with your work even while ‘sick’.
  9. Mental state.
    A doctor note stating ‘mental state issue’ can mean anything from stress to a bout of clinical depression. It won’t draw any questions, but it’s not one of the fake excuses you should use to miss work of your colleagues are prone to gossiping.
  10. Physical checkup.
    You can actually use a fake note from a physician that doesn’t state the reason for your missing work. According to the privacy laws your boss doesn’t have the right to ask you about your reasons, but this excuse is sure to draw some scrutiny.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Excuses for Missing Work

If you want to be sure that your fake doctor note will actually work, keep in mind the following when choosing excuses:

  • Your actual medical history.
  • Your current circumstances (for example, you said you will fix your roof, thus back pain the next day).
  • Your employer’s personality (use your experience to determine what they are more likely to believe in).

Always Pick Believable Reasons to Miss Work

a woman faking being sickI really can’t emphasize this enough. The excuses you choose MUST be reasonable.

Believe it or not, but I’ve heard stories of men actually submitting fake pregnancy notes at work. This is simply ridiculous, but sometimes people don’t even look at the kind of note they buy. If you want to be sure that you get the best fake doctor’s note to miss work, check out my detailed guide on how to find and use doctor excuse notes.

Tips for Calling In Sick to Work

I’d like to share some of my experience in hopes that it will help you get out of work without raising suspicions.

  • Use only high-quality fake blank doctor’s notes templates. Check out to learn what they look like.
  • Submit the note electronically. Luckily, we live in the digital age and electronic medical forms are highly common. They are also easier to forge and look more believable by default.
  • Call the office and sound sick. Hearing your miserable voice should increase the overall believability of your excuse.

Use these tips and I’m sure you will be able to miss work for a few days without getting in any trouble with your boss. Just be sure to keep up your game after you return to the office.

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